Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Many Thanks

Finally got round to tidying up my travel diary and putting some thought into this new latest news blog. This year has got off to a flying start with a very successful trip to Belize and the prospect of an exhibition back here in the UK at some point. I hope this next bit doesn't sound too much like a speech but I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who helped me to make my trip one such a memorable one: especially Chris Minty, who set up the Artist in Residence; Vicki, Cat, Dave and all the staff at Pooks Hill Jungle Lodge for their help and support, (and for tolerating my more sarcastic moments;) Chapal and Lenny Gentle for their expert advice and generous donation of photographs for the exhibition I held in Belize; and Alex Tilley for providing an opportunity to spent time out on Glovers Reef and 'lending' me his archive of underwater pictures.

My other news is that I have been fortunate enough to acquire a studio space at the newly refurbished Coburg House Studios in Leith. I haven't actually spent much time there yet, but its great to think that I now have an proper working environment to slope off too, rather than sitting at my dinning room table staring out of the window and wondering what is on daytime tv.

The previous two entries contain a record of the pictures that I've completed in the six months, starting with the stuff from Belize, and a brief explanation about picture construction and the material used for each piece (yawn, yawn)...

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