Friday, 24 April 2009

Templates for New Pictures 2009

The style of four of the pictures I made in Belize were influenced by the template used for a recent magazine cover design. This commission was completed a few weeks before I took off on my travels. The simple format of juxapositioned squares can be cropped and sized very easily in photoshop, a tool I'm increasingly using in my work this year. Almost all the material I accumulated while in Belize was collected on a digital camera, and adjusted on the computer. However I have resolved that all the originals I create will still be printed out and framed on mounting board.

Cover design for the January 2009 Issue of the Society of Human Resources Magazine

the resulting original ....Multicultural Faces (2009)
photo-collage on mounting board

Below are the four pictures created in Belize which follow a similar format....

Green Shoots (2009) photo-collage on mounting board

Bark Study (2009) photo-collage on mounting board
photo credit for one square: Lenny Gentle

Abstract Lichen (2009) photo-collage on mounting board

Coral Study (2009) photo-collage on mounting board
photo credit: Alex Tilley


  1. I would like to use components of Multicultural Faces (2009)photo-collage on mounting board in a vertical column for a PowerPoint presentation homework assignment in a masters course for cultural sensitivity. May I have your permission to use your artwork in this fashion please?

  2. I really enjoy that photograph with the collage of faces. I was wondering if I could know the artist that created the photo. I would like to ask their permission to use the photo on a filer that I would like to create for a multicultural event, that is free to the public in order to teach students about different cultures.

  3. Greetings, I lived in Belize from 200-2001 and really enjoyed your photos. I would be grateful to use your multicultural photo to promote a cultural diversity event.


    M. Caudill